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New Year’s Eve 2009

New Year’s Eve is a favorite time at Oliveto.  The menu is spectacular, the atmosphere is festive, lively music is played, and when the mood strikes…there is dancing.  This year will be no exception. In fact, the menu is shaping up to be even more tricked out than usual, now that Chef Canales has set his sights on a meal celebrating the wintry, soul satisfying cuisine of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

The food of this lesser known, north easternmost region of Italy is exceptionally opulent and alive.  Influenced by its neighbors Austria and Slovenia, and inspired by the spice route from Trieste, the cuisine springs from a history of experimentation as well as tradition.  Chef Canales’s has created a stellar menu worthy of taking us into the new year: Continue reading ‘New Year’s Eve 2009′

Report from our farmers: Cold Snap!

We stopped by the Derby Street Farmers’ Market in Berkeley yesterday to talk with some of our farmers about how they’ve been dealing with the recent mercury plunge.  Both Riverdog Farm and Full Belly Farm in Guinda lost electricity, and had problems with irrigation lines freezing.  There was a mad dash before the cold set in to harvest as much broccoli, cauliflower, and celery root as possible.  Many recent transplants, too fragile to hold their own, didn’t make it through the freeze.

The general consensus, was that it is Continue reading ‘Report from our farmers: Cold Snap!’

Getting Seasonal

Truffle Dinners, done.  (Although the truffles themselves aren’t quite done – stay tuned!)  Thanksgiving, done.  Post-Thanksgiving-tryptophan-induced-stupor, done.

We are now ready to stop goofing around get seriously SEASONAL.  And what’s more seasonal then chestnuts roasting on an open fire?  Well, how about hot mulled cider?   Because we’ve got that too!

Our expert chestnut roaster, Sarah, will be on Shafter Street in front of Oliveto roasting chestnuts through the holiday season: Wed-Sun, 3pm-9pm.  Stop by & get your festive on.

This Just In – Saltimbocca

Chef de Cuisine Paul Berglund with aged milk- and grass-fed Magruder veal

Chef de Cuisine Paul Berglund with wild boar prosciutto

It all comes together: Our own house-cured wild boar prosciutto has been hanging for 18 months and is finally ready.  Meanwhile, Mac Magruder’s veal rib-eye has been aging in the meat locker for the past few weeks.  Add a little bit of sage, and we’ve got saltimbocca (Italian: jumps in the mouth) -  on the menu starting tonight and into the weekend. Continue reading ‘This Just In – Saltimbocca’