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A Visit with Dario Cecchini

Edited by Dallas Mark and translated by Jessica Forbes

Whole Hog Dinners began here in 1999, and led to regular weekly deliveries to our kitchen of whole animals from Paul Willis. Soon, every other kind of whole animal followed, and three years ago we began receiving whole beef animals. So we think we’re somewhat knowledgeable in this “whole animal” thing.

But this visit with Dario Cecchini offers whole animal butchery from the vantage of one family’s collective experience, spannng over 250 years, practicing the traditional craft of butchery as well as the proper care of animals.

It serves as a reminder to us, to continue to learn and understand more deeply.

Red Corn Harvest 2010

On Wednesday we drove up to Winters, CA to help with the harvest of our Red Flint corn.  First, we did some hand-picking in hopes of selecting some quality seed for next year’s planting.  Lesson learned: hand-harvesting corn is hard (and itchy) work!  Thankfully, the John Deere 9600 combine showed up and helped out with the rest of the five acres. Continue reading ‘Red Corn Harvest 2010′

Tomato Dinners 2010 Menu

September 15 – September 18

tomato tasting vertical

Smaller items–salads, soup, antipasti

Best-of-season heirloom tomato tasting

Smoked sea scallops and king salmon with Black Pineapple tomato mousse

Crudo of local halibut, Evergreen and Cherokee Chocolate tomatoes,
candied bacon, and Espelette pepper maionese

Oliveto wild boar prosciutto with Pineapple and Momotaro tomatoes,
wild arugula, and Parmesan

Dry-farmed Early Girl and Persimmon tomatoes with burrata, sea salt,
and Nocellino olive oil

Pannelle with San Marzano tomatoes, basil, hot pepper, and barilotto di bufala

Cherry tomatoes with Castelvetrano olives, purslane,
pine nuts, and Cacioricotta cheese

Farm egg in carrozza stuffed with peperonata,
dry-farmed Early Girl tomatoes, and aïoli

Salad of frisée, pole beans, and wood-oven-roasted Padrón peppers
with tomato cumin vinaigrette

Fried green tomatoes with tomato mayonnaise Continue reading ‘Tomato Dinners 2010 Menu’

Oliveto Beef Dinners 2010

October 14, 15, and 16

For our upcoming beef dinners, we are inviting a few notable local beef ranchers to join us each night so our patrons can meet them.  We’re pleased that Mac Magruder will join us on Saturday, October 16th.  Mac is probably one of the first grass-fed cattle ranchers in the alternative-to-feedlot era from northern California, and probably well beyond.  For the past twenty years he’s been developing a very well-thought-out system of grazing and pasture management, and in the process has invented a business for himself which is enriching all of us.  When interest in grass-fed beef took-off several years ago, it was Mac’s beef that showed us how tasty it could be. Continue reading ‘Oliveto Beef Dinners 2010′