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Fusilli making with Rosetta and Maria

fusilli making_500

In preparation for next week’s Calabrian Dinner (menu just posted!), Rosetta and her mother, Maria, are here showing the kitchen staff how to make fusilli using their family’s traditional method.  It looks a bit tricky, but they’ve got time to practice.

Dario’s Wedding

Hey alright! Everyone’s favorite Dante quoting butcher, Dario Cecchini, recently got married.  Craig Stoll of Delfina was in attendance and shared some pictures and videos of the joyous event:

Dinner to Celebrate My Calabria – Nov. 4

November 4, 2010

[see menu]

A special dinner prepared by Chef Paul Canales in celebration of Rosetta Costantino‘s beautiful new cookbook, My Calabria.

Rosetta and Paul initially met when both of their children were attending the same school here in Oakland.  After learning about Rosetta’s garden and its close proximity to Oliveto, a friendship formed around a mutual interest in the techniques and traditions of Calabrian cooking.  Paul has cooked with both Rosetta, and Rosetta’s mother, Maria, on many occasions and their extensive knowledge has definitely influenced the Oliveto kitchen.  Techniques such as salt-curing and dry-preserving vegetables can be seen in many of our antipasti dishes and two years ago we started making our own ricotta in-house with Rosetta’s encouragement.

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Market Report #13 – ….more tomatoes!

Last week, after the Derby Street market, Megan from Dirty Girl Produce in Santa Cruz stopped by with a delivery of Early Girl tomatoes, Cranberry beans, and Cannellini beans.

She had some soup…standing up.  Which is pretty impressive after a full day at the market and a loooong tomato season that just now, with all this heat, seems to be starting all over again.   Joe says he could have tomatoes all the way through to Thanksgiving.  Start thinking up crazy stuffing recipes!

dirty girl soup

Beef Dinner Sneak Peek


Although this is our first Beef Dinner, it has been a long time in the making.  Based on close relationships with local ranchers practicing alternative methods of raising grass-fed beef, Chef Canales has obtained a wealth of knowledge in regards to butchery, aging and cooking technique over the past six years.  This, along with the construction of our meat locker, and numerous requests from our customers has finally resulted in the 2010 Beef Dinners.

The menu is still being finalized but two items have been leaked:

Grilled bone-in Rib Eye with duck livers

Smoked manzo brisket


As for wine, beef needs a wine that is still somewhat tight, fruit-driven and full of tannin.  Therefore, we’ll be featuring an array of Continue reading ‘Beef Dinner Sneak Peek’