Tomato Watch Week 4 – Lucero Update

Last week, the Luceros were busy getting their tomato seedlings out of the greenhouse and into the ground. It was perfect timing apparently, as temperatures this week have surged. Ben Lucero wrote us this quick update yesterday letting us know what’s going on in Lodi and what to expect…

Tomato Watch Week 3

First wave of plantings at Lucero Farm, Full Belly Farm and Riverdog Farm.

We’re at the beginning of planting season for Bay Area farms.
While asparagus and artichokes abound, Lucero, Full Belly and Riverdog Farms are also dodging spring frosts and making their plans for restricted water use.

Dirty Girl Produce – Tomato Watch Week 2

For this installment of Tomato Watch we took a trip down to Watsonville for a visit with Joe Schirmer of Dirty Girl Produce. We got some cool tractor footage, a crash course in dry-farming, and…

Tomato Watch 2009 starts NOW!!!

All around the Bay hundreds of thousands of tomato seedlings are going into the ground—Week One of Tomato Watch 2009. Here at the Oliveto Community Journal we’ll be watching their progress, from the coast to the inland valleys, north to south. Tomato cam?!?!? Not exactly—we hope it will be better, richer. We’ll track a wealth…

Update from Brookside Farm – Spring 2009

Welling Tom of Brookside Farm in Brentwood reports the following:

1. What Are You Planting?

Welling Tom: We have been planting some new fruit trees: sour cherries, Blenheim apricots, Elberta peaches, “donut” peaches, Fuyu persimons, and apriums….

From the Kitchen – Tomato Dinners 2009

About a week before Tomato Dinners, when most of the tomatoes we will have to choose from are available for tasting, Chef Paul Canales and the cooks sit down with scores of varieties, mostly heirloom but some – like Early Girl-hybrids, and sort out which are the best, what their characteristics are, and how they might be prepared to best advantage. Amazingly, there is considerable variation even within varieties….