Tomato Dinners start tomorrow!

The menu has more or less been finalized, the kitchen is a hive of activity, flats of tomatoes continue to arrive (TEN CASES of Dirty Girl Produce’s Early Girls!) from around the Bay Area, and just in the nick of time we got a much needed bump in temperatures…

2013 Tomato Dinner Countdown – 14 days remain

The menu for the 23rd annual Tomato Dinners at Oliveto is starting to take shape! The quality of this year’s tomatoes are so spectacular that Chef Jonah is thinking about the menu as a way to highlight their exceptional ripeness. A preliminary draft features a number of dishes created with certain exemplary specimens in mind [...]

Market Update: INTENSE Season = INTENSE Produce

Although the weather has taken a cooler turn in the past week, the produce at the South Berkeley Farmers’ Market yesterday was the product of an unusually hot season that got off to an early start with a number of heatwaves that began back in May. Instead of a steady trickle of new harvests, things seem to be arriving…

Dinners With Farmers – Judith Redmond of Full Belly Farm

We’ve invited a different farmer for each of four evenings, beginning with one of the most important and beloved in the family farm community of northern California: Judith Redmond of Full Belly Farm in Guinda, Yolo County. …

Tomato Season 2012 Update

We hit the Derby Street 63rd & Adeline Market yesterday to check in with some of our favorite tomato farmers and find out how the season is progressing.

Last time we’d checked in, things were off to a slower and cooler start than expected which led to our decision to reschedule this year’s Tomato Dinners for mid-September. This time around, we found an eye-popping barrage…

This Just In: Intergalatic Nectarines

If you’ve been hitting the Farmers’ Markets recently, you know that stone fruit, particularly peaches and nectarines are going OFF right now. As always, our friends at Blossom Bluff Orchards have some incredible offerings in this department, and if you’ve been to the Blossom Bluff stand you know that they have an uncanny ability to [...]

Update From Brookside Farm – Spring 2012

We always love an inside look at what’s happening on the farm, and Welling Tom has always supplied us with some of the best insights into the day to day, season to season, happenings at Brookside Farm in Brentwood, CA. Here’s the update he emailed us from last week, complete with a Steely Dan quote: [...]

This Just In: First King Salmon of the Season

The kitchen just received the first beautiful King Salmon of the season from Monterey Seafood and it will be on the menu tonight. Jonah will be serving the King Salmon with sauteed Brookside fava beans, spring onions, Butterball potatoes, and a basil pesto. Jonah, Natalie, and Bob tasted the fava beans last night and agree that they are the sweetest fava beans they’ve had….

Winter Solstice Report from Brookside Farm

After a particularly beautiful batch of Brookside Farm’s Meyer lemons arrived last week, we followed up with Welling Tom to find out what else is going on at their Brentwood, CA farm. Here’s what he had to tell us:
“Our Meyer lemons are some of the few things we currently have available. We also have a few Oroblanco pomelos already picked. Growing in the field, we have …

Joe’s Early Girls are a Late-Season Stand Out

Yesterday at the Derby Street Farmers Market, Dirty Girl Produce’s Early Girl tomatoes completely SOLD OUT. There was this beautiful, jewel-like mound of them…and then in the blink of an eye they were gone. Thankfully, we’re planning well enough ahead to make sure we’ve got some for next week’s Late-Season Tomato Dinners (Sept. 13-16). One of the first confirmed menu items…