2011 Citrus Forcast

We contacted Jim Churchill of Churchill Orchards in Ojai, CA to find out how this year’s citrus crop is shaping up. He provided us with a good idea of what to expect over the next few months & also filled us in on the HLB quarantine in Ventura County:…

From the Field – Churchill Orchard Spring Tangerine Tasting

Churchill Orchard is out in the East End of the Ojai Valley where the fruit gets ripe a little later — Jim and Lisa usually spend the month of March tasting and re-tasting their spring tangerine varieties.

Churchill Orchard proprietors Jim Churchill (tasting) and Lisa Brenneis (shooting video and tasting)…..

Churchill Orchard – Profile

Jim moved to Ojai in 1956 when he was 9 years old. The family moved back to LA in 1961 but kept a house in Ojai where they spent weekends. In 1972 Jim’s father bought 40 acres, which became Churchill Orchard. Originally the orchard was all avocados…