Jenny Makes A Mess…the delicious kind

This week we got another 40 lbs of Red Cloud apricots from Terra Firma, as well as 40 lbs of dry-farmed Royal Blenheim apricots from Mercy Wong in Vacaville. It was way too much fruit to use, but the always superior Blenheim’s season is so short, I have vowed to buy everyhting that comes my way (I hate it when a fruit goes out of season before I feel I’ve really celebrated it fully.) So far…

From the Field – Inaugural Post – Spring Has Sprung at the Oliveto Community

From Catalan Farm in Hollister:

-Long stem purple artichokes that we will caramelize with garlic and mint
-Young baby fennel bulbs and cauliflower that will find their way into a special spring vegetable antipasto with pistachios and orange
-Young, tender fava greens…

Terra Firma Farm – Profile

Paul Holmes started the farm. Paul Underhill started working with him 15 years ago, and eventually became part owner. They began on one parcel of land. By poking around and by word of mouth, they found abandoned or forgotten orchards. The farm eventually expanded to its current size…

From the Kitchen – Tomato Dinners 2009

About a week before Tomato Dinners, when most of the tomatoes we will have to choose from are available for tasting, Chef Paul Canales and the cooks sit down with scores of varieties, mostly heirloom but some – like Early Girl-hybrids, and sort out which are the best, what their characteristics are, and how they might be prepared to best advantage. Amazingly, there is considerable variation even within varieties….