This Just In: Spring Lamb

Our favorite sheep herder, Don Watson, stopped by yesterday with our first spring lamb. Born just after Thanksgiving, these lamb have been raised primarily on milk and more recently, have been grazing on mustard and clover. Don’s flocks have a wide grazing range including many nearby vineyards. It’s a symbiotic relationship, with the sheep gaining additional space to roam and forage while…

Chef Canales Gives a Tour of the Meat Locker

We installed a large meat locker a few years back that finally provided the space for some more ambitious projects such as receiving whole sides of beef, as well as hanging and aging meat….

From the Field – Spring Lamb

Just this morning Don Watson showed up with four, first of season spring lamb, about 90 days old. We’re hanging them for a few days to help tenderize the meat & plan to have them on the menu starting Saturday night (remote possibility not until Sunday). They’ll be on the menu through Tuesday or Wednesday….

Napa Valley Lamb – Profile

Raising lamb, although a passion was not profitable on its own. In 2003 Don was going out of business and realized he could make a profit marketing his sheep as bursh-clearers, which ultimately saved the business…