Oliveto Beef Dinners 2010

Announcing Oliveto Beef Dinners 2010 with visits from trailblazing ranchers…

Magruder Jam

A great visit yesterday to Mac Magruder’s cattle ranch (they raise hogs and lambs too). It is truly a wonderful place. The whole story is coming but we had to get this out right away:…

This Just In: Goat’s Milk Ricotta

Things are definitely feeling like spring around here. Meaning deliveries from our suppliers keep arriving with more & more new stuff. Meaning the kitchen in like a sparking motherboard of ideas. Meaning the menu is like that magic trick where…

Agricola: flora et fauna – Profile

Emphasizing sustainable production, Agricola produces specialty tree crops, grass/clover hay and high quality grass fed (and finished) beef. Additionally, the farm facilitates wildlife habitat with native plantings and nest boxes….

This Just In: Spring Lamb

Our favorite sheep herder, Don Watson, stopped by yesterday with our first spring lamb. Born just after Thanksgiving, these lamb have been raised primarily on milk and more recently, have been grazing on mustard and clover. Don’s flocks have a wide grazing range including many nearby vineyards. It’s a symbiotic relationship, with the sheep gaining additional space to roam and forage while…

This Just In – Puglian Chicories

Starting tonight through the weekend, we’ll be serving Barciole di vitellone e cicora: scaloppine of Magruder Ranch milk- and grass-fed vitellone stuffed with Knoll Farm puglian chicories. For this dish, Chef Canales will be using chicories that were grown by Rick and Kristie Knoll of Tairwa’ – Knoll Farms in Brentwood. Rick and Kristie grew these chicories from seeds Oliveto co-owner Bob Klein brought back from one of his annual trips to Italy. Bob had stayed with his friends, Armando and Rosalba of Masseria Il Frantoio, Ostuni in Puglia….

In the Kitchen with Chef Canales: Dry-aged beef

This morning, Chef Paul Canales took a moment to show us some of the beef he’s been aging. Mac Magruder delivered a manzo six weeks ago, and the rib-eyes are now being prepared to go on the menu this weekend as tagliata & (maybe) wild mushrooms. Chef Canales also gives us a heads up on the porcini forecast for next week, tells us what “hard crack” means, and introduces us to Pablo “Tigre” Gavito….

This Out & About We’re All About Porchetta Sandwiches

Next Sunday, September 27th, Oliveto will be participating is the annual Rockridge Out & About Street Festival. This is a really nice event with many activities for both kids and adults, and lots of great stuff to eat.

About fifteen years ago, we decided to roast a pig for the Out & About Festival and make porchetta sandwiches…and we’ve never been able to live that one down…

This Just In: Vitellone & Chanetrelles

Primarily raised on mother’s milk with some grass-feeding, the meat has been aging in our meat locker. Chef Canales has been tweaking the aging times, to find just the right balance between the delicate veal and the characteristic aged-meat flavors. Tonight we will be using the loins, and Friday we will be serving the rib eye. They will be on the menu as tagliata, served with braised Torpedo onions from Brookside Farms in Brentwood. These animals are fairly small, and there isn’t…

Chef Canales Gives a Tour of the Meat Locker

We installed a large meat locker a few years back that finally provided the space for some more ambitious projects such as receiving whole sides of beef, as well as hanging and aging meat….