This Just In: the sformatino stays in the picture!

The hit from last week’s Dinners from the Field has an extended run: Sformatino of asparagus with ramps spumante On the menu this week.

This Just In: Dungeness crab stuffed artichoke

On the menu this week: Baked jumbo artichoke stuffed with Dungeness crab, preserved lemon, and green garlic

TJI: Halibut with Spring* Three Ways

On the current menu: Pan-roasted Alaskan halibut and green garlic-mint pesto with artichokes three ways: artichoke sformatino artichoke and saffron riso and shaved artichoke salad  

Heritage Chicken Alert!

On the menu for a brief blip this Saturday, six White Leghorn heritage chickens from the awesome people of Heritage Foods USA. We don’t have the exact menu preparation yet, but Chef Rhodehamel will definitely be doing something very special for this rare delivery. If you plan to come in that night, please use the [...]

This Just In: Full Belly Farm Durum-Iraq Fettuccine

After hosting a thrilling event this weekend, it feels right to showcase a few of the extraordinary wheats currently being grown here in northern California by our favorite forward-thinking farms. Chef Rhodehamel takes it the next step, turning these beautiful whole-milled flours into some of the most exciting pasta we’ve seen coming out of the kitchen and easily some the best we’ve tasted….

This Just In: freak spring produce!

Due to a record warm January, farmers just south of here in Monterey County are already offering produce we don’t usually see until well into March.

It’s disturbing but at the same time, we must admit, delicious. Martin Bournhonesque hooked us up with some of this…

This Just In: No rain…but we’ve got citrus

While it’s tempting to start putting strawberries on the menu (yes, there have already been reports of strawberries IN JANUARY) pastry Chef Kam Golightly is sticking to only what *should* be in season at this time of year: citrus.

This Just In: Cassoulet

On the menu this week: Cassoulet of Liberty duck with Gigande and Flageolet beans

This Just In: Tripe Alert

Tripe on the menu this weekend: Tomato-braised honeycomb tripe with Community Grains Cannellini…

This Just In: Truffles!