Whole Hog 2014: All Hands On Deck

We’re four days out from the first night of the 2014 Whole Hog Dinners at Oliveto. At this point all the pigs have been delivered, nine whole-animals from four different ranches. Now in earnest the prep begins. Cooks will be working through the weekend breaking down animals, butchering, trussing, and dressing. This year’s Whole Hog [...]

Grass-Fed Beef – The Season Begins

Three weeks ago, Oliveto got its first delivery from Mac Magruder’s ranch: a 1,187 pound heifer that has yielded about 800 pounds of delicious grass-fed beef.


This Just In: Live Footage of the Whole Hog Spit

2013 WHOLE HOG DINNERS START TONIGHT… and a beautiful leg from one of Heritage Foods’ red wattle hogs is already roasting on the spit! SEE THE FULL MENU Call 510-547-5356 or reserve online

Whole Hog Update #3: Nightly Spit-Roasted Leg

The kitchen is a flurry of activity today as they put their finishing touches on many of the special preparations for this year’s Whole Hog Dinners. This weekend the last of the sausages were made including the zampone and blood sausages.

Menu for 2013 Whole Hog Dinners at Oliveto

The 2013 Whole Hog menu will be à la carte and priced similar to our regular dinner menu

Key: (CA)- cold antipasto, (WA)- warm antipasto, (P)- Primi, (S)- Secondi

Whole Hog Update #2: Mangalitsa from Dinner Bell Farm

We’re excited to add a new pig to the whole hog mix this year: a magnificent Mangalitsa from Dinner Bell Farm in Grass Valley, seen in the above video being fed apples in the the orchard….

Jonah & the Whale…of a pig

A few weeks ago the Oliveto kitchen received delivery of a five-hundred pound pig from Devil’s Gulch Ranch in Marin. Chef Jonah and crew went to work on it immediately in preparation for Oliveto’s 14th annual Whole Hog Dinners coming up in February. This pig, one among…

This Just In: Goat, lamb, and guinea hen

As we move into autumn the Oliveto menu is in one of its most vibrant and exciting transitions of the year, where we’re still seeing boatloads of tomatoes, beans and peppers but also beets, chicories, and a wider variety of whole animals. We’re getting a jump start on Goatober this weekend when we’ll receive our [...]

It’s Complicated: Grass-Fed Beef

Joined by three of today’s most knowledgeable authorities on the topic of sustainable meat, we will discuss the hurdles faced by ranchers, butchers, chefs, and consumers in establishing a local, small-producer, beef economy with conscientious animal-welfare protocols here in Northern California.

Say “Bonjourno!” to the first Cinta Sonoma

you can imagine Oliveto’s excitement when we learned that our friends at Front Porch Farm in Healdsburg, CA (who have played an important role in helping to develop a local grain economy here in northern California), are also the first farmers outside of Italy to be raising this breed of pigs. Because the name, Cinta Senese…