Wine In Time 2.0: Rinaldi Vertical

A legend among piedmontese producers, Giuseppe Rinaldi has been producing Barolo wine for over a century. As traditional as it gets, “Beppe” Rinaldi still ferments all of his Baroli in the massive, 110 year old piedmontese oak vat that his great grandfather used.

Wine In Time 2.0: 1999 Vintage Cru Barolos

Monday, December 9, 2013
6:30 PM

A tasting of four distinct terriors/styles of Barolo from the classic 1999 vintage.

Presented by Randall Grahm, founder of Bonny Doon Vineyard and Winery.

Wine In Time 2.0: Barale Barolo vs. Barbaresco

December 2, 2013
6:30 PM

A comparison of vintage Barbaresco and Barolo from this small, cult producer.

Presented by Ceri Smith, owner of Biondivino wine shop in San Franciso and co-wine director at the newly re-opened Tosca in San Francisco, CA.

Wine In Time 2.0: 1999 vs. 2001 Barbaresco POSTPONED

Rescheduled for January 13, 2014
6:30 PM

Presented by St. George Spirits’ master distiller Lance Winters

A comparative tasting of four wines from two classic vintages at the beginning of their peak drinkability. While the 2000 vintage was a favorite with critics, barbaresco winemakers felt that the 1999 and 2001 vintages were actually the better years….

Wine In Time 2.0: 2000 Barolo vs. Barbaresco

Monday, November 11, 2013

Presented by David Lynch, owner of St. Vincent Restaurant in San Francisco, CA

A rare chance to taste four distinct terriors and winemaking styles from the highly publicized 2000 Piedmontese vintage.
Please join us!…

Wine In Time 2.0 Kick-Off Dinner: Verduno

November 4, 2013 6:30PM Castello di Verduno Barolo Vertical A vertical tasting of four vintages: cool/classic, warm, and rainy harvests from this small, classic producer. Presented by Marcella Bianco, Castello di Verduno winery manager and ambassador. 1999 ‘massara’ 2000 ‘monvigliero’ 2001 ‘massara’ 2002 normale Special Addition: We just got word that Marcella will be bringing [...]

A visit with Roberto Stucchi of Badia a Coltibuono

Our old friend Roberto Stucchi will be coming to town this month to present his wines at a trade event called Cucina Pazza (“A Kitchen of Lunatics”), and to talk about Tuscan culture and history. We persuaded him to do an encore performance at Oliveto, and asked him to open some classic Badia a Coltibuono [...]

We Have a Menu – Dinner with Randall Grahm and 14 of his Wines

We thought it extraordinary that a small, independent – very independent – winemaker would make so many wines, and that they could all be very good. And there may be no one we’d rather send time with than Bonny Doon’s Randall Grahm. ….

Dinner with Randall Grahm and 14 of His Wines

When Oliveto sommelier Esteban Brunello went to a Bonny Doon Vineyard wine tasting a couple months back, he tasted all of Randall Grahm’s currently available wines and returned astounded. So, after Esteban’s pronouncement, we decided that, while presenting a wine dinner with 14 different wines would be challenging, we could make it fresh, fun, unpretentious, and, most important, about delicious wine….

2009 Bordeaux Dinner & Tasting

Thursday, February 28, 2013 6:30 PM Limited availability Phone reservations ONLY: 510-547-5356 Oliveto is proud to announce a very special event coming up at the end of this month. Thanks to our friend & Oliveto regular John Fox, one of the two principle owners of Premier Cru in Berkeley, Oliveto diners will have the rare [...]