Whole Hog 2014: All Hands On Deck


We’re four days out from the first night of the 2014 Whole Hog Dinners at Oliveto. At this point all the pigs have been delivered, nine whole-animals from four different ranches. Now in earnest the prep begins. Cooks will be working through the weekend breaking down animals, butchering, trussing, and dressing.

This year’s Whole Hog roster:

Magruder Ranch – Potter Valley, CA
Relatively new to the pork game, Magruder Ranch sells around 200 pigs per year. These animals are happy, healthy, pasture-raised crosses between wild boar and either Berkshire or Duroc pigs that are free to roam over 200 acres. Seen here grubbing on acorns.

Riverdog Farm – Guinda, CA
Providing Oliveto Restaurant with incredible produce year round, we were one of the first to line up when Riverdog started raising pigs back in 2009 and we’ve been coming back ever since.

Heritage Foods USA
From their No Goat Left Behind program to their close relationships with family farmers to their commitment to protecting rare breeds, we are proud of our relationship with Heritage and huge fans of all that they do to help educate the eating public.

Devil’s Gulch Ranch – Nicasio, CA
Chef Rhodehamel received these milk-fed Yorkshire/Duroc crosses a bit earlier so they would have time to brine before hitting the spit.

Thank you to all four ranches for providing us with such incredible meat. Please come in for dinner!

2 Responses to “Whole Hog 2014: All Hands On Deck”

  1. michael

    ALL the menu items sound great! Just wondering what the prices are?

  2. Catherine Meng

    Hi Michael,
    Prices haven’t been set yet, but it will be similar to our regular dinner menu.