Whole Hog Update #2: Mangalitsa from Dinner Bell Farm

We’re excited to add a new pig to the whole hog mix this year: a magnificent Mangalitsa from Dinner Bell Farm in Grass Valley, seen in the above video being fed apples in the the orchard.

The Hungarian breed is descended directly from wild boar and known for its fleecy curly-haired coat as well as its exceptional back fat lending to wonderful cured meats and rich sausages. Originally bred as a lard pig, the Mangalitsa went out of fashion for a time but is now experiencing a resurgence among hobbyists, small scale-farmers, and chefs causing the New York Times to ask if it is the next ‘it’ pig. Sigh.

Regardless of its it-ness, because of the Mangalistsa’s unique qualities and limited availability in the United States we feel fortunate to have received one from our friends at Dinner Bell and are thrilled to include it in this year’s Whole Hog Dinners.

Paul Glowaski of Dinner Bell Farm with a Mangalitsa

Paul Glowaski of Dinner Bell Farm with a Mangalitsa

The Dinner Bell Mangalitsa will join a impressive drift of hogs for this year’s dinners including that five-hundred pounder from Devil’s Gulch, as well as Mac Magruder’s Euro boar-Berkshire cross, and a beauty from our friends at Riverdog Farm in Guinda. Stay tuned for more delivery updates and a sneak peek of this year’s menu. Reservations are already starting to fill up, get one while you still can!

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