Update from Brookside Farm – Spring 2009

Welling Tom of Brookside Farm in Brentwood reports the following:

1. What Are You Planting?brookside_farm

Welling Tom: We have been planting some new fruit trees: sour cherries, Blenheim apricots, Elberta peaches, “donut” peaches, Fuyu persimmons, and apriums.  As for vegetables; tomatoes, sweet peppers, and eggplants have been started in the green house during the past month, while fava beans, sugar snap peas, arugula, Chioggia beets, mizuna, bok choy, and Bloomsdale spinach were planted out in the field.  During this month, Ambrosia melons, Japanese cucumbers, okra, and ‘Musica” beans will be started in the green house.

2.  What are you excited about that is new this year?

Welling Tom: The sour cherries are new to us, and we planted them mostly to meet a request from Maggie Klein, although it will probably be at least 3 years before any of these new trees yield any significant harvests.  In other news, we have a new hired hand who will help us be more productive.  We also have a prospective student intern.

3.  What are you excited about that is not new?

Welling Tom: Other than our sour cherries, we are not growing any crops that we have not been growing for several years.  We are more focused on improving the management of our crops.

4. What are you concerned about?

Welling Tom: We are concerned about the availability of water from our county irrigation district.  We depend on the county water supply to water our fruit orchard.  We are also concerned about whether our income will be adequate this year.

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