From the Field – Spring at Lucero Organic Farm

Chef Paul Canales visits the Luceros of Lucero Organic Farm in Lodi, CA.


Spring is a transitional time for many of our local farmers.  By transitional, I mean that for many of them this is the time they are putting a great deal of effort into preparing for the abundance of summer crops that comprise the majority of their growing season.  They are planting and germinating seeds in pots in their greenhouses and waiting for the perfect time to transplant them into the field.  Too soon, and they might get flooded with a late rain or burnt by frost, too late and they lose valuable opportunities to offer their fruits and vegetables at market.

That said, there are many amazing things (mostly variations on the shade of green) that our local farmers are now offering us.  Some of these, like green garlic, are early manifestations of things to come.  Others are new representations of things that are passing, like tardivo radicchio.  Still others, are here right now and only now, such as fava beans and their greens, asparagus, diciccio broccoli, and flowering rabes from kol crops.

Spring has officially sprung, and will continue to do so!

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