Dead Ripe – “It actually means something”


‘Tis the season of abundance and acute ripeness, as summer crops put all their remaining energy into their final fruits and seeds in one last attempt to be sown back into the earth.  The farms themselves seem at their most beautiful, and the harvest months have a certain celebratory cheer about them, the true pleasure in a job well done.

It’s also the season when farmers and chefs alike are borderline overwhelmed with an onslaught of fruits & vegetables that are ripe RIGHT NOW.  It brings an immediacy and a level of creativity to the kitchen and menu that is unique to this time of year. The term farmers use to describe some of their produce (specifically tomatoes and stone fruit) around now is “dead ripe”.  Chef Canales explains to us what that means exactly and describes the sense of timeliness it brings to the act of cooking during this brief yet vibrant season.

3 Responses to “Dead Ripe – “It actually means something””

  1. jeannebee

    ok this was a good quick video where I learned quite a bit! thanks!

  2. SHANE

    Very nice. Also..nice background music

  3. Robin Richardson

    Paul Canales knows everything about tomatoes! Excellent video. Now I know why my Yellow Brandywines (which I started from seeds I saved from last summer) taste so good right now.