The Economy – The State of Our Food

“Cooking with foods grown by farmers you have met, in nearby places that you have driven past, will give you a sense that your world is one of interconnected parts. You will observe the vitality of the produce in the way it tastes, smells, and feels, and by how long it remains wholesome and appealing compared with produce you buy at the supermarket. Your choices will become broader than the few varieties and species chosen for you by industrial growers. You will know that your money goes directly to the people who grew your food, not to packagers, ad-writers, shipping moguls, or CEOs. Cooking with food that is vital and seasonal will provide great pleasure, akin, somehow, to having grown it yourself. You will have the added knowledge that you have encouraged the restoration of a safe and wholesome food system.”

-Maggie Blyth Klein from The State of Our Food, a treatise on the state of the food system in America, 2002.  Read the full document.

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