A Visit with Dario Cecchini

Edited by Dallas Mark and translated by Jessica Forbes

Whole Hog Dinners began here in 1999, and led to regular weekly deliveries to our kitchen of whole animals from Paul Willis. Soon, every other kind of whole animal followed, and three years ago we began receiving whole beef animals. So we think we’re somewhat knowledgeable in this “whole animal” thing.

But this visit with Dario Cecchini offers whole animal butchery from the vantage of one family’s collective experience, spannng over 250 years, practicing the traditional craft of butchery as well as the proper care of animals.

It serves as a reminder to us, to continue to learn and understand more deeply.

7 Responses to “A Visit with Dario Cecchini”

  1. Nina Barretta

    What a wonderful interview with Dario! I speak Italian, so hearing his explanation was very emotional….. It’s obvious that he honors and respects his craft. And at the same time he cares for the proper care of animals. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Bob Knudson

    This video brings back a very sweet memory for me. I spent a few days in Chianti several years ago, and visited Dario’s shop in Panzano. I was only there for a short time, and was not buying anything, but nevertheless was warmly welcomed as a friend and regular customer! There was a buffet of cheeses and salumi, as well as wine, and I was invited to help myself, which I did. Dario’s smiling face behind the counter represented the spirit of his business, and this comes across so well win the video. He is a true gentleman and someone we can all learn from!

  3. Linda Alioto Wendt

    Bravo, Dario, Bravo.

  4. Rosalinda Mariotti

    I met Dario this last July. He’s a fun, caring, generous, down to earth man. It’s great to see him moved. He’s indeed carrying the light for the future generations. He’s indeed caring for his animals. He’s indeed caring for us, promoting a better product and promoting education regarding food (meat, oil, wine). What a great leader!!! I was in a great place of gratitude the night I had dinner at the Officina. I will treasure the memories forever, hoping to go back soon.

  5. Kate Magruder

    What a inspiring interview this is – thank you for capturing it
    and sharing Dario’s vision and tenderness and passion. Hoping to meet him someday and engage with him to help light a path for others. What a soul! What a heart! Thank you.

  6. Luk Van Hove

    I already know Dario for more than 10 years.
    He is still the same inspiring man like 10 years ago.
    His philosophy about life should be carried forward by future generations. His view about the craftmanship of butchers is unique and should be teached to every single “student butcher” in the world.

  7. Yvonne van der Puttten

    We love Kim en Dario for many years.