Sunday Farmhouse Suppers 2014


During normal times, the Oliveto menu usually includes some traditional Italian farmhouse specialties, but in the main our dishes are more elaborate, with multiple, beautiful components, or made with ingredients which, though simple, can be expensive (such as aged beef or sustainably caught fish). Our dishes, though based in an Italian tradition in technique and aesthetic, can be far from countrified.

But for the 2012 Whole Hog Dinners the kitchen served up dishes using the basic ingredients of poor families’ kitchens such as pork skin and trim, offal and lesser cuts, heirloom beans, polenta and whole grains, leftover bread, and so on. We were so pleased with the deliciousness of the meals and with the feeling of warmth, well-being and satiety that such dishes engendered, that we thought we’d find a way to serve such cooking more regularly.

With all this in mind, beginning on March 18, 2013 in addition to our regular menu every Sunday, we will offer a prix fixe farmhouse supper for groups of one to twelve for $40/per person. The dishes will emanate from the rural homes of Italy’s various regions, using the region’s local produce and animals, cheeses, olive oil, and so forth. A regional wine will be offered to accompany the meal in the $40/per bottle range.