Bill Fujimoto – After Monterey Market

watch_video_bill_fujimotoHere is a brief update/comment from Bill on what’s going on for him after leaving Monterey Market. It’s an enormously complicated and difficult situation for him, and obviously, there are things he cannot say. We see farmers everyday who are affected by Bill not being at Monterey Market, some who have stopped deliveries in support of Bill, and some who continue to deliver (diminished orders), but feel bad about it. To some farmers, Bill’s departure is devastating. Most of our food comes directly from farmer’s deliveries to the restaurant and farmers’ markets, so it is only our pastry chef, Jenny Raven, who is scrambling for alternatives. Jenny gets exceptional berries and figs, and ripe, full-flavored citrus, from Bill.

The email link for support of Bill is: And we will also try to keep up with developments.  This situation doesn’t seem to make any sense, and we remain hopeful that the family board will find a way to return Bill to full control of Monterey Market.

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