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TJI: Halibut with Spring* Three Ways

On the current menu: Pan-roasted Alaskan halibut and green garlic-mint pesto with artichokes three ways: artichoke sformatino artichoke and saffron riso and shaved artichoke salad  

This Just In: freak spring produce!

Due to a record warm January, farmers just south of here in Monterey County are already offering produce we don’t usually see until well into March.

It’s disturbing but at the same time, we must admit, delicious. Martin Bournhonesque hooked us up with some of this…

Smoked ‘Pumpkin’ Swordfish

THIS JUST IN: a bea-uuu-itful piece of ‘pumpkin’ swordfish. Caught by drift gillnet off the coast of southern California, this fish is believed to get its unusual hue from eating krill and shrimp. We’ve never had this type of swordfish before, so we are anxious to see how and if it differs…

Chokes Exposed

Ever wonder what the difference is between those long skinny artichokes and the shorter broader ones? Bill Fujumoto cuts a few open and shows us how the differences translate on the plate. The trick to determining the size of the heart is squeezing the backside. While that may sound like a perverted proverb, when selecting artichokes these are wise words to…

Market Report #2: Catalan Artichokes

Another week closer to spring and another visit to the farmers’ market with Chef Paul Canales and Bill Fujimoto. This week, we hit the Derby Street market in Berkeley to see some truly awesome specimens of artichoke grown by the one and only Maria Catalan of Catalan Farms in Hollister. Paul explains how they will be used in the Oliveto kitchen* & gives us some good tips on what to do …

From the Field – Inaugural Post – Spring Has Sprung at the Oliveto Community

From Catalan Farm in Hollister:

-Long stem purple artichokes that we will caramelize with garlic and mint
-Young baby fennel bulbs and cauliflower that will find their way into a special spring vegetable antipasto with pistachios and orange
-Young, tender fava greens…