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Market Update: INTENSE Season = INTENSE Produce

Although the weather has taken a cooler turn in the past week, the produce at the South Berkeley Farmers’ Market yesterday was the product of an unusually hot season that got off to an early start with a number of heatwaves that began back in May. Instead of a steady trickle of new harvests, things seem to be arriving…

This weeks Sunday farmhouse supper, Tuscany

What can we say about Tuscany that hasn’t already been said? The region is beloved for its striking landscapes, beautiful cities, architecture, storied past, renowned wine regions, and a cuisine that is simultaneously simple and elegant.

Tomato Dinners Alert – new dates announced!

Gearing up for this year’s Tomato Dinners (originally scheduled for the end of August) we started asking our farmers about how the season was progressing and what we kept hearing back was, actually tomatoes weren’t happening…yet.

2012 Grass-Fed Beef Season Begins

Cuts featured this week:
Flat Iron – Chef Jonah’s Pick
The Chef believes this to be the best cut of the animal. Not only is it exceptionally tender with great marbling, because it is against the shoulder and close to the bone it also has great flavor.
It will appear on the menu starting…

Lessons from the Front Line: Building A Local Grain Economy

If you missed our It’s Complicated panel discussion on Building a Local Grain Economy on June 17, 2012 Kathryn Quanbeck has written up a concise summation of our discussion on the Civil Eats Blog…

Our Local Seas: A Comeback Story

Despite the dire conditions of fisheries in most parts of the world, many of the fisheries of our northern Pacific coast are in a different condition. Here, the past 30 years of regulation and good stewardship of several of our local fisheries are bringing about a turn-around of some fish populations. Fishermen and scientists alike are seeing…

Tomato Season 2010 off to a slow start

This year, because the rainy season went so long, we’ve pushed the dates for the 2010 Tomato Dinners back to September 15 – 19 and are watching and waiting. Recently, we’ve seen the first few cherry tomatoes and…

Thank You East Bay Community!

Saturday was a big success. $17,297 was raised for Haiti earthquake survivors. Seventeen-thousand-two-hundred-and-ninety-seven dollars! Wow. Thank you to everyone who came out & showed their support & gave so generously. A special thanks to Adelmise Warner for organizing the event & getting us involved. If you were not able to make it to the fundraiser on Saturday, please consider…

Tomato Watch Week 3

First wave of plantings at Lucero Farm, Full Belly Farm and Riverdog Farm.

We’re at the beginning of planting season for Bay Area farms.
While asparagus and artichokes abound, Lucero, Full Belly and Riverdog Farms are also dodging spring frosts and making their plans for restricted water use.

Monterey Fish Market – Profile

Paul Johnson began as a chef in Berkeley who got into the fish distribution business. He started by selling to a number of restaurants. Tom Worthington joined the business in 1980…