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Grass-Fed Beef – The Season Begins

Three weeks ago, Oliveto got its first delivery from Mac Magruder’s ranch: a 1,187 pound heifer that has yielded about 800 pounds of delicious grass-fed beef.


This Sunday’s Farmhouse Supper: Brasato of Beef

Sunday Supper Menu
January 27, 2013

Antipasto de Barbabietola
Beets with pistachios, golden raisins, and arugula

Tagliatelle con Funghi Porcini
Tagliatelle with garlic sausage and porcini mushroom in cream sauce…

This Sunday’s Farmhouse Supper: Toscana

What can we say about Tuscany that hasn’t already been said? The region is beloved for its striking landscapes, beautiful cities, architecture, storied past, renowned wine regions, and a cuisine that is simultaneously simple and elegant….

This Sunday’s Farmhouse Supper: Piedmonte

September 30, 2012 This Sunday we’ll return to one of our favorite regions, the Piedmonte. We’ll prepare the traditional peasant dish bagna càuda (literally meaning “hot bath”): crushed anchovies and garlic in warm olive oil served with whatever vegetables are growing on the farm at that moment. We’ll follow that with a lovely pasta partially [...]

It’s Complicated: Grass-Fed Beef

Joined by three of today’s most knowledgeable authorities on the topic of sustainable meat, we will discuss the hurdles faced by ranchers, butchers, chefs, and consumers in establishing a local, small-producer, beef economy with conscientious animal-welfare protocols here in Northern California.

2012 Grass-Fed Beef Season Begins

Cuts featured this week:
Flat Iron – Chef Jonah’s Pick
The Chef believes this to be the best cut of the animal. Not only is it exceptionally tender with great marbling, because it is against the shoulder and close to the bone it also has great flavor.
It will appear on the menu starting…

BEEF ALERT: Strip Loin

For this Sunday, September 11th we’ll be offering a beautiful Strip Loin steak, one of the most tender cuts of beef. At this point, Chef Jonah is undecided on whether he’ll be preparing smaller individual cuts or a larger cut for two. If you are planning on coming in…


THIS SUNDAY We continue to work through last week’s delivery from Mac Magruder and Sparky Bauer. We’ll have carne cruda on the menu starting tonight and through the weekend.  And on Sunday, for one night only, we’ll have brisket. This will be an off-the-menu special so if you are interested you’ll want to say, “the [...]


The Oliveto kitchen received three sides of grass-fed, grass-finished beef last week: one whole animal from our friend Mac Magruder, and an additional side from Bauer Ranch in Covelo, CA. Both of these animals are older, producing meat far more marbled than what we’ve seen in most grass-fed beef.

Bauer Ranch – Profile

Location: Covelo, CA in Mendocino County Owner: William “Sparky” Bauer Sparky is a fifth generation, Native American/German cattle rancher.  He runs Angus and Hereford cattle, wintering them up in the mountains and summer pasture in Round Valley (where Covelo is located).  All of his herd is grass-fed and grass-finished.