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It’s Complicated Returns!

Our discussion series, It’s Complicated, is resurfacing in March for a gangbusters pop-up event that you don’t want to miss featuring Chad Robertson, Michael Pollan, Stephen Jones, and many more.  

This Just In: freak spring produce!

Due to a record warm January, farmers just south of here in Monterey County are already offering produce we don’t usually see until well into March.

It’s disturbing but at the same time, we must admit, delicious. Martin Bournhonesque hooked us up with some of this…

This Just In: No rain…but we’ve got citrus

While it’s tempting to start putting strawberries on the menu (yes, there have already been reports of strawberries IN JANUARY) pastry Chef Kam Golightly is sticking to only what *should* be in season at this time of year: citrus.

2013 Tomato Season: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

This really has been a record year for tomatoes. Here we are well into September, the Tomato Dinners having ended almost three weeks ago, and the farmers’ markets are still overflowing with delicious tomatoes. This year’s peak is actually more of a plateau, where there are amazing dead ripe tomatoes available….

Tomato Dinners start tomorrow!

The menu has more or less been finalized, the kitchen is a hive of activity, flats of tomatoes continue to arrive (TEN CASES of Dirty Girl Produce’s Early Girls!) from around the Bay Area, and just in the nick of time we got a much needed bump in temperatures…

Sunday Farmhouse Supper Menu July 28, 2013

Sunday Farmhouse Supper for
July 28, 2013…

Whole Hog Update #3: Nightly Spit-Roasted Leg

The kitchen is a flurry of activity today as they put their finishing touches on many of the special preparations for this year’s Whole Hog Dinners. This weekend the last of the sausages were made including the zampone and blood sausages.

Menu for 2013 Whole Hog Dinners at Oliveto

The 2013 Whole Hog menu will be à la carte and priced similar to our regular dinner menu

Key: (CA)- cold antipasto, (WA)- warm antipasto, (P)- Primi, (S)- Secondi

Whole Hog Update #2: Mangalitsa from Dinner Bell Farm

We’re excited to add a new pig to the whole hog mix this year: a magnificent Mangalitsa from Dinner Bell Farm in Grass Valley, seen in the above video being fed apples in the the orchard….

2012 California Olio Nuovos

The winter solstice on December 21st is just around the corner, meaning the Oliveto menu has taken a turn for the late-autumnal. Think rich soups, thick stews, and ribollita – dishes that stick to the ribs, warm the cockles and pair exceptionally with peppery, vibrant olio nuovos…