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This Just In: 2012 Truffle Haul

The kitchen is getting its first look at this year’s truffle haul. These 1.57 kg beauties are from Umberia and should take us through the first night of Oliveto’s Truffle Dinners, starting next week.

As reported earlier this year’s white truffles are scarce…

It’s Complicated: A GMO Primer

In conjunctions with 18 Reasons, Oliveto’s It’s Complicated series is proud to present:
A GMO Primer:
How GMO Crops Can Affect Biodiversity, Food Safety, Sustainable Farming, the Food Economy, and the Ecosphere.

Rethinking School Lunch in Oakland

In conjunctions with the Oakland Unified School District and the Center for Ecoliteracy, Oliveto’s It’s Complicated series is proud to present: Rethinking School Lunch in Oakland – October 14, 2012

TJI: Last of the Summer Stone Fruit from the Sierras

As the summer season starts to transition, peaches and nectarines from the valley are beginning to peter out… but never fear! Summer is not over yet! We’ve still got 2.5 weeks until …

Tomato Season 2012 Update

We hit the Derby Street 63rd & Adeline Market yesterday to check in with some of our favorite tomato farmers and find out how the season is progressing.

Last time we’d checked in, things were off to a slower and cooler start than expected which led to our decision to reschedule this year’s Tomato Dinners for mid-September. This time around, we found an eye-popping barrage…

It’s Complicated presents Tomato Tasting 101

An essential part of Oliveto’s long tradition of Tomato Dinners is the preliminary tasting by the chefs of available local tomatoes. That is the only way a perfect menu can be created, with the best applications of each of the most exceptional tomatoes reflected in a wide spectrum of dishes….

This Just In – Magruder Lamb

Starting tonight, we’ve got some delicious lamb on the menu from Mac Magruder. Mac says he got his stock from “an old guy across the valley. They are a Suffolk cross-breed. He didn’t do anything for them, they’re organic by neglect.” Mac lucked out though, because they turn out…

Tomato Dinners Alert – new dates announced!

Gearing up for this year’s Tomato Dinners (originally scheduled for the end of August) we started asking our farmers about how the season was progressing and what we kept hearing back was, actually tomatoes weren’t happening…yet.

Say “Bonjourno!” to the first Cinta Sonoma

you can imagine Oliveto’s excitement when we learned that our friends at Front Porch Farm in Healdsburg, CA (who have played an important role in helping to develop a local grain economy here in northern California), are also the first farmers outside of Italy to be raising this breed of pigs. Because the name, Cinta Senese…

Update From Brookside Farm – Spring 2012

We always love an inside look at what’s happening on the farm, and Welling Tom has always supplied us with some of the best insights into the day to day, season to season, happenings at Brookside Farm in Brentwood, CA. Here’s the update he emailed us from last week, complete with a Steely Dan quote: [...]