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BEEF ALERT: Strip Loin

For this Sunday, September 11th we’ll be offering a beautiful Strip Loin steak, one of the most tender cuts of beef. At this point, Chef Jonah is undecided on whether he’ll be preparing smaller individual cuts or a larger cut for two. If you are planning on coming in…


THIS SUNDAY We continue to work through last week’s delivery from Mac Magruder and Sparky Bauer. We’ll have carne cruda on the menu starting tonight and through the weekend.  And on Sunday, for one night only, we’ll have brisket. This will be an off-the-menu special so if you are interested you’ll want to say, “the [...]

Bauer Ranch – Profile

Location: Covelo, CA in Mendocino County Owner: William “Sparky” Bauer Sparky is a fifth generation, Native American/German cattle rancher.  He runs Angus and Hereford cattle, wintering them up in the mountains and summer pasture in Round Valley (where Covelo is located).  All of his herd is grass-fed and grass-finished.

It’s Beef Season

UPDATE: See the revised schedule It is late spring and this is the time to be eating beef. The steers have been eating plentiful amounts of green grass (from our plentiful rains) and several important ranchers have presented us with offers too good to turn down. First, Mac Magruder’s 8-month-old veal came in a couple [...]

Oliveto Beef Dinners 2010

Announcing Oliveto Beef Dinners 2010 with visits from trailblazing ranchers…

This Weekend

Aged Grass-fed beef, wild fennel pollen, and superior Chianti Classicos…sounds like a good weekend…

This Just In: Fettine with Porcini (say that 5x fast)

A month ago we took delivery of two vitellone (young beef) from Mac Magruder. We only get these animals about 3-4 times a year and they usually go fast. Primarily raised on mother’s milk & grass-feeding on Mac’s ‘ice cream’ pasture, we hang the meat in our meat locker to help develop the characteristic, more concentrated aged-meat flavors. These thinly sliced… [make a reservation]

Agricola: flora et fauna – Profile

Emphasizing sustainable production, Agricola produces specialty tree crops, grass/clover hay and high quality grass fed (and finished) beef. Additionally, the farm facilitates wildlife habitat with native plantings and nest boxes….

This Just In: Vitellone & Chanetrelles

Primarily raised on mother’s milk with some grass-feeding, the meat has been aging in our meat locker. Chef Canales has been tweaking the aging times, to find just the right balance between the delicate veal and the characteristic aged-meat flavors. Tonight we will be using the loins, and Friday we will be serving the rib eye. They will be on the menu as tagliata, served with braised Torpedo onions from Brookside Farms in Brentwood. These animals are fairly small, and there isn’t…