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This Just In: New to the dinner menu

On the menu tonight and tomorrow and (maybe) through the weekend:

Farm egg in carozza with hen confit hash cake, Chanterelle mushrooms, and pancetta-sherry vinaigrette….

This Just In: Magruder Lamb and Grass-Fed Beef

Highlights of this year’s event will include a traditional raw bar and a bella vista in the dining room where guests may view and select whole fish to order, then specify their preferred method of preparation…..

Traditional Italian Butchery Dinners

Two Nights of Special Dinners Celebrating Local Grass-Fed Beef and Traditional Italian Butchery Friday, September 7, and Saturday, September 8, 2012 In conjunction with our “It’s Complicated” Grass-Fed Beef discussion, Chef Jonah will prepare dishes that celebrate Oliveto’s close relationship with local cattle ranchers and also exemplify whole-animal cooking and Italian butchery. Using traditional techniques [...]

2012 Grass-Fed Beef Season Begins

Cuts featured this week:
Flat Iron – Chef Jonah’s Pick
The Chef believes this to be the best cut of the animal. Not only is it exceptionally tender with great marbling, because it is against the shoulder and close to the bone it also has great flavor.
It will appear on the menu starting…


The Oliveto kitchen received three sides of grass-fed, grass-finished beef last week: one whole animal from our friend Mac Magruder, and an additional side from Bauer Ranch in Covelo, CA. Both of these animals are older, producing meat far more marbled than what we’ve seen in most grass-fed beef.

Update on all that beef

In exuberant response to our Beef Season post a lot of people came in and ate a lot of beef. So, we’ve revised the schedule and had to eliminate some things because we ran out sooner than expected.
Here are the remaining dates for grass-fed beef…

Magruder Jam

A great visit yesterday to Mac Magruder’s cattle ranch (they raise hogs and lambs too). It is truly a wonderful place. The whole story is coming but we had to get this out right away:…