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From Fencerow To Fencerow

After a couple of years of dilly-dallying with our beloved Red Flint ‘Floriani’ corn (growing one acre in 2009, then five acres last year) we’re finally taking the plunge with a much larger crop for 2011. Eighteen acres were planted in Woodland, CA along with another ten acres in Lodi, CA.
Also in the mix are…

Lucero Strawberries Have Hit Their Peak

Among other things, Lucero Organic Farm is known for their long stem Seascape strawberries. Ben Lucero has been growing this same variety of strawberry for years, even after he moved his farm inland from the coast to Lodi. Ben believes that great strawberries are the product of close attention and…

Tomato Watch Week 4 – Lucero Update

Last week, the Luceros were busy getting their tomato seedlings out of the greenhouse and into the ground. It was perfect timing apparently, as temperatures this week have surged. Ben Lucero wrote us this quick update yesterday letting us know what’s going on in Lodi and what to expect…

From the Field – Spring at Lucero Organic Farm

Spring is a transitional time for many of our local farmers. By transitional, I mean that for many of them this is the time they are putting a great deal of effort in preparing for the abundance of summer crops that comprise the majority of their growing season. They are planting and germinating seeds in pots in their greenhouses and waiting for the perfect time….