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Greetings from The Future

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Katy McLaughlin attempts to forecast fine-dining trends of the future and gives a nod to the Oliveto Community Journal:

“THE FUTURE? Mr. Chang predicts that in the future, more fine-dining chefs will replace waiters and serve the food themselves, as they do at his Momofuku Ko in New York. Several restaurants, from Oliveto….

Introducing the Oliveto Grain Project

We got our hand on seeds of three Italian wheat varieties last year, and asked our friendly farmers to grow them out for us in experimental plots. That put into gear a great adventure for us, which we’ll be sharing with you over the next few weeks and months…

Playing Darts with Marcella Hazan

From someone we greatly respect, we recieved some gratifying praise last week. Marcella Hazan and her husband Victor usually stop by for dinner when they visit the Bay Area, so we are thrilled that she’s included Oliveto as one of her Fresh Picks on the Daily Beast blog….

Tomato Watch Week 18 (Part 2): In which we also consider the eggplant

Chef Paul Canales hit up the Derby Street Farmers’ Market yesterday with daughter Eva in tow. The duo got a look at some of the recently ripe tomatoes at Riverdog Farm, Catalan Farms, Lucero Organic Farm, and Full Belly Farm. Tomato season should hit its peak in the next few weeks, giving the chefs time to evaluate…


Romano Isole just showed up with some beautiful porcini foraged from the Sierra foothills east of Sacramento.  We bought up a whole bunch and Chef Canales plans to have them popping up all over the menu, starting tonight, in such dishes as: Gnocchi with porcini an entree of Riverdog Farm pasture-raised eggs poached in olive [...]

A Visit from Fontodi’s Giovanni Manetti

There are few winemakers who are as well respected as Giovanni Manetti from Fontodi in Panzano, the heart of the Chianti Classico region. He is known for his encyclopedic knowledge of wine as well as for his warmth and charm. While we’ve tended to present more traditionally made wines…

Whole Hog Dinners 2009


Oliveto’s Whole Hog Dinners
Tuesday, February 3rd – Friday, February 6th

Whole Hog Dinners begin this Tuesday. We’re pretty much booked for Thursday and Friday, but still have some reservations available Tuesday…

From the Kitchen – Oceanic Dinners 2009

Our Oceanic Dinners are the most spectacular of our special events. In collaboration with Monterey Fish Company and its co-owner, Tom Worthington, we serve some 60 species of sea beings and plants, all absolutely fresh, harvested sustainably and prepared deliciously, skillfully, imaginatively, and respectfully….

From the Kitchen – Tomato Dinners 2009

About a week before Tomato Dinners, when most of the tomatoes we will have to choose from are available for tasting, Chef Paul Canales and the cooks sit down with scores of varieties, mostly heirloom but some – like Early Girl-hybrids, and sort out which are the best, what their characteristics are, and how they might be prepared to best advantage. Amazingly, there is considerable variation even within varieties….