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It’s hard to toot your own horn & pat yourself on the back at the same time but here goes…

Just five months after Chef Jonah began creating his kitchen and a menu that reflected his vision at Oliveto, Michael Bauer wrote a review in the San Francisco Chronicle entitled “Oliveto: Oakland Restaurant Bounces Back.” It was the first of a number of laudatory articles. Jonah’s most recent review, a feature article by Stephen Buel in the latest…

Greetings from The Future

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Katy McLaughlin attempts to forecast fine-dining trends of the future and gives a nod to the Oliveto Community Journal:

“THE FUTURE? Mr. Chang predicts that in the future, more fine-dining chefs will replace waiters and serve the food themselves, as they do at his Momofuku Ko in New York. Several restaurants, from Oliveto….

Playing Darts with Marcella Hazan

From someone we greatly respect, we recieved some gratifying praise last week. Marcella Hazan and her husband Victor usually stop by for dinner when they visit the Bay Area, so we are thrilled that she’s included Oliveto as one of her Fresh Picks on the Daily Beast blog….