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2013 Tomato Dinners Countdown – 20 days remain

Although much of this year’s Tomato Dinner menu is still in its wild, unfettered state (i.e. Chef Jonah’s brain), one thing is certain: there will be Early Girls. More specifically: Farroto-stuffed Early Girl tomatoes with La Tur cheese fonduta and broccoli di ciccio…

Tomato Season 2012 Update

We hit the Derby Street 63rd & Adeline Market yesterday to check in with some of our favorite tomato farmers and find out how the season is progressing.

Last time we’d checked in, things were off to a slower and cooler start than expected which led to our decision to reschedule this year’s Tomato Dinners for mid-September. This time around, we found an eye-popping barrage…

Tomato Dinners Alert – new dates announced!

Gearing up for this year’s Tomato Dinners (originally scheduled for the end of August) we started asking our farmers about how the season was progressing and what we kept hearing back was, actually tomatoes weren’t happening…yet.

Menu for Late-Season Tomato Dinners 2011

The second of two dinners to celebrate the range of the 2011 tomato season. This is Oliveto’s 22nd annual Tomato Dinner. Tuesday, Sept. 13 – Friday, Sept. 16…

Joe’s Early Girls are a Late-Season Stand Out

Yesterday at the Derby Street Farmers Market, Dirty Girl Produce’s Early Girl tomatoes completely SOLD OUT. There was this beautiful, jewel-like mound of them…and then in the blink of an eye they were gone. Thankfully, we’re planning well enough ahead to make sure we’ve got some for next week’s Late-Season Tomato Dinners (Sept. 13-16). One of the first confirmed menu items…

Early-Season Tomato Dinners 2011 Menu

Menu for Early-Season Tomato Dinners 2011. Tuesday, August 23rd through Friday, August 26th.

First Look at 2011 Tomatoes from Baia Nicchia Farm

Chef Jonah Rhodehamel takes us on a tour of the first tomatoes we’ve received from our friend Fred Hempel at Baia Nicchia Farm in Sunol, CA….

Market Report #8: Tomato Speculation With Bill Fujimoto

We hit up the Derby Street Market last Tuesday with our favorite produce guy, Bill Fujimoto.

We checked in with Full Belly, Lucero, and…

Late Winter Update from Brookside Farm

Last Saturday’s cold snap in the Bay Area affected Brookside Farm in a completely unexpected way. For the past couple of years, we’ve been ordering our tomato seedlings exclusively from Kassenhoff Growers, located in Oakland. The owner/operators have been our friends for many years, and…

Market Report #12 – Tomatoes?

We got some solid information from Bill about this year’s weird weather and how it has effected tomato crops in northern California.

In the hopes of things heating up in time for a late-late summer ripening, we’ve pushed back the dates for the 2010 Tomato Dinners to…