This Just In – Saltimbocca

Chef de Cuisine Paul Berglund with aged milk- and grass-fed Magruder veal

Chef de Cuisine Paul Berglund with wild boar prosciutto

It all comes together: Our own house-cured wild boar prosciutto has been hanging for 18 months and is finally ready.  Meanwhile, Mac Magruder’s veal rib-eye has been aging in the meat locker for the past few weeks.  Add a little bit of sage, and we’ve got saltimbocca (Italian: jumps in the mouth) -  on the menu starting tonight and into the weekend.

cam huong

Also, Chef Paul Canales just got back from Chinatown where he found some good-looking duck livers, which will appear on the menu served with chanterelles and old balsamic vinegar.

Chef Canales makes the trip to Oakland’s Chinatown not only because it offers convenient access to quality sources like Jim Reichardt’s ducks, but because it’s a generally exciting place (today, a butcher was breaking down a turtle!) and a good excuse to get a Vietnamese sandwich at Cam Huong (920 Webster between 9th and 10th).  Chef Canales had the pork combo: cold cuts, paté, extra jalapeño (2.25).  Paul Berlund had the BBQ pork (2.75).

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