This Just In: Tres Sabores Guinea Hens return!


We were first introduced to Tres Sabores Winery in Rutherford, CA last year when winemaker/owner Julie Johnson contacted Chef Rhodehamel and asked if he’d be interested in buying some of the ranch’s Guinea hens.

The Oliveto kitchen and our customers quickly became huge fans & since then we have been lucky enough to have Tres Sabores hens on the menu two or three times a year.

This week happens to be one of those lucky times, because Chef Rhodehamel has just received delivery of some of these beautiful birds & will have them on the menu in a few places throughout the week.

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, January 23rd:

Tajarin with ragù of cocks’ combs, tomato, and Guinea hen liver

And on Saturday, January, 26th:

roasted breast & sausage of Guinea hen

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